"Enguri Hydrological Initiative"

Within the framework of the Enguri Hydrological Initiative project, a 3-day working meeting was organized by JSC "Georgian Energy Development Fund". In the Project are actively participating the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, State Electricity System of Georgia, Enguri Power Plant LLC, Energy Exchange, National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission of Georgia, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, National Environment Agency, HPPs operating in the Enguri Basin, as well as the EBRD  and representatives of other private and public entities.

As Jaba Khmaladze, director of the "Georgian Energy Development Fund", noted: "After the implementation of the project, the country will have a tool that will allow us to automatically collect and analyze current and future water inflow, precipitation and other meteorological data on the rivers of the Enguri basin. Within the framework of the program, these data will be consolidated in one space and the necessary statistical base based on modern, digital technologies will be created."

 The Enguri Hydrological Initiative is an investment in both the installation of new meteorological and hydrometric measuring stations, as well as in real-time mathematical modelling that will effectively use the collected data. This will provide the basic tools needed for world-class management of the Enguri River basin, which in turn will lead to better flood protection and improved planning and reliability of energy production.

 According to the chairman of the National Committee of Large Dams, David Mirtskhulava: "In the framework of the Enguri hydrological initiative, the possibilities of obtaining hydrometeorological data will be increased and the ways of their improvement will be revealed; Hydrological models will be developed to help address challenges such as security, climate change or rainfall.

I am sure that by creating databases, implementing international best practices, and creating operational systems; It will be possible to solve such important issues as hydrological forecasting, optimization of hydropower production, which will ensure continuity of work."

 The hydrological model developed within the project will be of great importance, both for the security of the country's energy system in general, as well as for planning the output of the existing hydro plants in the Enguri basin, for forecasting the generation of different periods of the year, for monitoring the reserves available in the Enguri HPP and other project reservoirs of the Enguri river basin in the future.

 "The Enguri Hydrological Initiative (EHI) is implemented by a team of international experts consisting of a consortium of national and international stakeholders. The leader of the team is "Gruner Stucky" Ltd, which is specializeed in the field of hydropower and dams and has been working in Georgia for more than two decades. Other valuable members of the team are the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI), which is known for its outstanding work in hydrology, meteorology, and climate change, as well as SD Strategies, an innovative company specializing in sustainable development, climate action and governance based in Berlin. Local experts of energy, hydrology, and climatology are also actively involved in the implementation of the project." -stated the Project Manager from Gruner Stucky of the EHI project, Sébastien Micheloud.



The Enguri Hydrological Initiative is a two-year project that started in 2021. The project is financed by the Austrian government (Drive Fund) as a grant to Georgia, administered by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The project represents another extremely important assistance from our European donors, because from the point of view of proper management and use of water resources, Enguri River and its hydro potential are of special importance for the future sustainable development of Georgia.