Hydro Structures (dam) safety. Renewable Energy Development 2018.





An international conference: “Hydro Structures (dam) safety. Renewable Energy Development 2018” is held in Expo Georgia on December 14, 2018. The conference is organized by the “Georgian National Committee on Large Dams” (GNCOLD) within the frames of ELCOM Caucasus 2018 (The fifth exhibition of Energy, Electricity and telecommunications).

The Georgian and International experts will discuss dam safety issues. Lately happened emergency situations at the Georgian hydro power plants  signifies the safety issues of hydro building on power plants, infrastructures, water supply and melioration. Thus perpetual, and in order to prevent further incidents, it is therefore necessary to take the measures. The conference will reveal new approaches, technologies and international practices of dam safety.

Renewable ad green energy issues will also be discussed. Renewable energy sources (hydro, wind and solar) in Georgia will also be debated, existing situation and constrains will be talked over. The famous Georgian and International experts will participate. Such as: Dr. David Mirtskhulava Chairman of the Georgian National Committee of Large Dams, Doctor and Technical Sciences, Professor; Mr. Manuel Antunes-Vallerey EDF (France); Dr Alexandre Pachoud Stucky, Switzerland; Mr  Agostino Avanzi, Beta Studio (Italy);  Mr Mauro Picollo – Eurecos, founder (Italy); Mr Archil Motsonelidze, Professor; Mr Gia Arabidze; Mr Paata Tsintsadze; Mr Murman Margvelashvili…


The Conference opening is in parallel with the exposition. Opening is on December 14, 2018 in the 11th pavilion of Expo Georgia.